Funeral Company Bozur was founded in 2002 as the first private funeral company in the Derventa.
Its main activities are:

* Transport of human remains in the country and abroad
* Sells funeral equipment
* Settlement of related documents
* Scheduling burial, cremation and exhumation

We provide following services:

* The arrival per call and bringing funeral equipment to your home address
* Preparing and dressing the decedent
* Rent funeral refrigerator
* Scheduling and organizing the funeral
* The opening of the grave
* Printing of the death certificate
* Flowers delivery
* Photo magnify
* Giving obituary in daily newspapers "Derventski list"


Transportation of remains from the European Union is making a new car brand Mercedes with air space


Here you can download online; The request for issuance for the transfer of the remains


Has a modern cold room and storage space of the deceased for several days, until the burial / funeral ....


CVJEĆARA (artificial flowers, lively, bouquets, wreaths, tears, decorating vehicles, preparation of weddings, christenings, parties, decorating the space)Our modern flower shop, with a wide range of fresh flowers and friendly staff that will meet all your needs.



We have all kinds of fresh flowers, which can be ordered in advance for all occasions, weddings, christenings, gift bouquets, ceremony decorate vehicles for weddings and other arrangements for sale, houses, commercial arrangements and so on

 owner Aleksa Mikerević.................transport of human remains from the EU.........Miroslav, sve narudžbe prima na vrijeme

For all services, please contact us at the following address ....
telefon: 0038753 33 22 33
mobitel: 0038765 549 465
fax: 0038753 33 22 33

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